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Spray Liquid Sandpaper on lens
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Scrub with brown sponge (scrub hard)
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Scrub with white sponge (scrub hard)

Restoring headlights with Headlight Magic is fast and easy!

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Rinse with water
Dry lens completely
Apply UV coating (slowly)


Always wear gloves and eye protection-safety glasses when using all Headlight Magic products.

Step 1: Cleaning and prepping the headlights

Headlight Magic Liquid Sand Paper paint is safe but immediately clean off any overspray or runoff on paint or bumper. Apply 3-5 sprays on the lens, and using heavy pressure, scrub the lens with the brown cleaning sponge. This prepares the lens for the Stay Clear UV protective coating. Fine scratches are normal and will be hidden with UV Coating.


Step 2: Use the white clarifying sponge

Take a wet, white clarifying sponge and gently scrub the entire surface of the lens. After scrubbing, rinse the headlight with water. Next, take a clean and dry microfiber towel to dry the lens completely.


Step 3: Apply the UV coating

(Note: If the temperature is below 50 degrees, slightly warm the lens with a heat gun or hair dryer before applying the coating.) Shake the Stay Clear coating bottle. Fold the white applicator pad in ¼. Tightly crease and use the smooth edge of the applicator pad. Remove the cap from the coating bottle and attach the included spout cap. Saturate the smooth edge of the applicator pad with coating. You want the pad saturated very well but not dripping. Apply slowly and carefully with medium pressure around the perimeter/edges of the headlight first, then overlap your previous strokes working your way across the lens.


Dry Time-Dry to-the-touch drive-off time is 10-15 minutes. Dry time can be decreased by lightly blowing the lens surface with a hairdryer on a low heat setting for about 3 minutes. If the lens "hazes up" after drying, it is usually because it was very dry and soaked up too much of the coating. In this case, wait at least 2 hours before applying a 2nd coat. The lens must stay dry for at least 4 hours to cure fully. Please do not wash or expose the vehicle to rain for 24 hours.


Proper care of UV Headlight Coating-Unopened shelf life of Stay Clear UV coating is 10-12 months. Once opened, product life depends on oxygen and moisture exposure. Only open and work out of 1 coating bottle at a time. Your coating bottle comes with a regular screw cap & a spout cap. When not used, the screw cap must always be tightly secured on your coating bottle and bottle stored in the included stay-fresh bag. Store at room temperature, away from extreme heat and cold.

Which type of damage will Headlight Magic repair?

Oxidation or haziness is the most common issue with headlights. Light is severely restricted, and the overall appearance of the lens and vehicle is terrible. Our Headlight Magic System quickly and easily corrects this issue.

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Which lights will need to be sanded?

Using our Headlight Magic Restoration System will make every light look better, but physical damage like cracks, scratches, and peeling can only be repaired by sanding the headlights. Sanding is not recommended unless you have training and experience restoring lights this way. 

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